Kirksville schools provide safer bus rides for students

â??Everyday throughout our nation, there are thousands and thousands of children that are transported to school and to school activities and then from school to home each and every day. Certainly, one of the most precious commodities that is hauled on our roadways is our children, so we have to be extra vigilant about making sure that our children are safe,â?? says Sgt. Brent Bernhardt.

School bus safety! Itâ??s a common concern for many school officials and parents, but one Kirksville mom says she believes the school system is doing all they can to see that her children are safe on their bus rides.

â??I don't have any complaints, I think they do a good job at making sure the kids are transported and there's safety implemented on the busses,â?? says Robin Seavey.

With three people killed in 2012 and over 800 school bus related crashes in our state, Shawn Corbett, Transportation Director of Kirksville Schools, finalized an old safety plan.

Now, inside the school, they're implementing a new base system which is expected to create a clear line of communication between the staff and bus drivers. This will, in turn, provide an overall safe experience for Kirksville students.

The devices have been installed inside of the primary, middle and high schools, as well as Weber Motors and transportation services.

â??It just means that they're transported quickly, safely, on the correct busses. If ever there is an emergency, we can handle it very quickly and get to that bus,â?? says Corbett.