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      Kirksville schools raise funds to keep students safe

      Cinnamon Roll Bake Sale at Kirksville Primary

      Kirksville High School is raising money for their annual ??After Prom?? safety net. Saturday morning they held a cinnamon roll bake sale at the Kirksville Primary School. The After Prom committee prepared over 400 rolls in an effort to keep students safe during prom time.

      ??This year we are actually doing all of our theme around kind of a gambling type thing. We're going to have poker tables and different things set up for the kids to have fun and do activities and then we'll have prizes and things for them to win and so obviously the money we raise will help with all of these activities. We would like to raise over $10, 000 for the after prom so anyone that is obviously willing to donate in any way, it's greatly appreciated,?? said Valinda Terrell, After Prom Co-Chair.

      If you are interested in donating to the After Prom committee, email kirksvilleafterprom14@gmail.com.