Kirksville seniors recognized for hard work

With the end of the school year coming to a close, Kirksville seniors were recognized for hard work throughout the years.

The annual Senior Awards Reception was held Wednesday afternoon. Students received awards recognizing excellence, achievement, and attendance. Numerous community organizations also came together to offer scholarships and awards. Out of the 192 students in the class of 2014, 118 have received scholarships. Family members of the students were also in attendance at the reception.

"As the rigors of the end of the school year start to take hold, it's really nice to have an event like this to kind of energize folks and look at all the accomplishments of our kids," said Randy Mikel, Kirksville High School Principal.

Students that were involved in the National Honor Society and Student Council were also recognized at the reception. The district holds this event every year to thank the students for their hard work.