Kirksville showcased at the Capitol

It was a big day for Kirksville as the city was well represented at the Show-Me-State's capital.

Wednesday was the annual "Kirksville Day at the Capitol" and representatives of numerous groups such as A.T. Still University, K-REDI, and the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce along with public city officials showed off the community to lawmakers and introduce "new" lawmakers to Kirksville.

"It allows us the opportunity to showcase what strengths we have to offer, how friendly we are, how much opportunity for businesses to grow. We want to show how great a town Kirksville can be and to come and visit," said Kirksville Mayor Richard Detweiler.

Not only was this a big day for the city of Kirksville but also for Truman State University. The school sent 75 students to the Capitol to give them a learning experience that will stay with them forever.

"Not only are we trying to educate legislators about Truman State University. This is also an opportunity for our students to learn more about the legislative process and have the opportunity to interact with their public officials and learn more about our democracy here in Missouri," said Truman State University President Dr. Troy Paino.

Local state representative Nate Walker was also present at the event and felt good about his city being represented.

"I got up on the floor and reminded people about Kirksville Day. My fellow colleagues came out here and got to be greeted. I'm pleased with the turnout," Walker said.

For everyone involved, this day makes a big difference.

"North Missouri needs to be heard. When we come down, they see the people and the students and see what is important for northeast Missouri. It helps a lot," Walker said.

Wednesday's event at the Capitol once again brought out a great turnout.

City officials and groups are planning to be back once again in the Capitol next year.