Kirksville stabbing victim ends up on front lawn

EMS crews from the Adair County Ambulance District roll the stabbing victim to the ambulance.

Update: June 20, 1:30 p.m.

KTVO has learned that charges will not be filed in Tuesday night's stabbing incident at this time. The suspect that Kirksville Police had in custody has been released.


Update: June 20, 11:35 a.m.

Kirksville Police said a 17-year-old Kirksville native has been taken into custody in relation to the incident. He is the younger brother of the victim, Timothy Clayborn. The suspect is currently under a 24 hour hold and no formal charges have been filed. We will release the suspect's identity when or if charges are filed.

Northeast Regional Medical Center officials said that Clayborn has been treated and released from the hospital. Police tell KTVO that the brothers lived together in the home where the stabbing took place.


There were some scary moments Tuesday evening as an apparent domestic dispute turned bloody in a normally quiet residential neighborhood in Kirksville .

A stabbing happened right around 6:45 p.m. at 1010 Kings Road, Apartment B.

It apparently started inside and then moved outside, or at least that's where the victim ended up.

Neighbors said he came out of the apartment bleeding and holding his chest before collapsing onto the lawn, moaning and screaming.

Those who live right next door told KTVO they believe it was two brothers who were fighting.

Cherri Brown heard the altercation through the walls of her apartment.

"Me and my roommate were just sitting in the house, and we hear a bunch of noise and a bunch of wrestling next door, a bunch of screaming, so I informed her to call the cops,â?? said Brown. â??And then, the suspect (came) running out around the house with a bloody face."

Brownâ??s roommate, Rachel Hurst, call 911.

"We just heard a bunch of wrestling, and they were arguing and all that,â?? said Hurst. â??We heard them shoving each other around, and the women were screaming and whatnot."

Hurst and Brown told KTVO they've heard arguments coming from Apartment B before.

The suspect reportedly fled on foot from the scene.

Police found him a short time later a few blocks away.

We are told both the victim and the suspect were taken to Northeast Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Officers were unable to provide us the names of those involved or circumstances that led up to the stabbing because they were still piecing together exactly what happened.