Kirksville students complete first week of school

Kirksville students recently completed the first week of the new school year, and so did new Superintendent Dr. Damon Kizzire.

Kizzire told KTVO that the first week went extremely well, and he felt welcomed by the students. He was impressed at the interactions that students and teachers had throughout the hallways in all buildings of the district. Kizzire also said that all students came into the school on the first day excited and ready for classes to begin.

"The excitement that the kids have, I haven't seen my friends all summer, I remember my teacher from last year, those kind of things, but then to come walking into that classroom and ready to learn, it's very exciting," said Dr. Kizzire.

Kizzire is excited for what the rest of the school year will bring. The Superintendent is interested in receiving feedback from both students and parents on areas of the district that may need improvement.