Kirksville Superintendent announces retirement

A big announcement came out of the Kirksville School District Thursday afternoon.

The Kirksville School Board has accepted Superintendent Pat Williams retirement. Williams has been a part of the school district for 31 years and has been superintendent for the past eight. The superintendent plans to continue his term until the end of his contract in June. Retirement is something that Williams has been considering for some time in order to spend more time with family and to get more involved with the Kirksville community. Williams is grateful for the time he has spent in the district, improving the schools and programs, and being able to work with great faculty and students.

"I feel really fortunate to have spent most of my career here in this school district. It's given me the opportunity to be what I want and to achieve the passion that I have for students as well as work with a number of influential and inspirational people through the years" said Williams.

"I'm a hometown Kirksville person. I have family and friends in the district and I want to see Kirksville schools continue to meet the needs of our students and I think I have a professional and just a personal obligation to assure that I do whatever it is to be done" Williams adds.

The Kirksville School District intends to have a new superintendent chosen by February, and Williams plans to help throughout the transition process.