Kirksville Tax Increment Finance Commission discusses upcoming projects

The Kirksville Tax Increment Finance Commission held their annual meeting Thursday afternoon.

The commission discussed different projects that they have funded and were completed in 2013. Those projects included the update of Franklin Street, and placing bike racks in different downtown areas.

The commission is now looking ahead to different projects set to be completed this year. Commission members are in the process of deciding what the next improvements will consist of. Different options include sidewalk improvements, canopy and awning updates, and facade and signage improvements.

City Manager, Mari Macomber is in the process of setting up a meeting with the Mayor and different business owners to see what improvements would be best for the city of Kirksville.

"We have a common goal. We're all on the same page. These are goals that hopefully have been approved by our city leaders, so therefore we are following what they have laid out following the vision for the city," said Angie Whisnant, Kirksville Assistant City Manager.

The Tax Increment Finance Commission hopes to have an idea of the next project set to be completed by the next meeting.