Kirksville to develop 'Complete Streets' program

The City of Kirksville has received a grant to help improve city streets and sidewalks.

Kirksville has been selected by the Missouri Foundation for Health as a participant in the 'Healthy and Active Communities Program'. The program has awarded the city with a grant totaling $295,727 to help improve the sidewalks and streets in the area and to create a 'Complete Streets' policy.

'Complete Streets' is a transportation policy and design that requires streets to be planned, operated and maintained to enable a safe and convenient travel for users regardless of their mode of transportation. The most common elements of the 'Complete Street' program include sidewalks, crosswalks, wheelchair ramps and bicycle lanes.

"It makes our sidewalks ADA accessible and it's an improvement to the entire community to move people through our community. It's a transportation initiative," said Angie Whisnant, Kirksville Assistant City Manager.

The Kirksville City Council has reviewed a draft of the 'Complete Street' policy and has directed staff to move forward with the development and implementation of the program and to create a committee.