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      Kirksville to host citizen police academy

      Have you ever wondered what police really do? Well here's your chance!

      Starting August 13th the Kirksville Police Department will start their annual Citizens Police Academy.

      This is the third annual academy and it provides community members with insight into general police operations especially those of law enforcement.

      You'll even have the opportunity to shoot at the range and learn about how officers evaluate crime scenes.

      "When you leave this class, you still may not agree with everything that the police do, but you'll understand that we'll have an articulable reason for everything that we do and it's based on some tragedies and school of hard knocks that has developed over the last 100 years in policing in North America," said Chief Jim Hughes, with Kirksville Police Department.

      The applications are being accepted now. If you're 18 or 80 and want to know how our local law enforcement agencies operate, pick up an application at the Kirksville Police Department between 8-5.

      All applicants must live or work in Adair County.