Kirksville to vote on financing new Water Treatment Plant

Kirksville, MO - In two weeks citizens of Kirksville will cast their ballots deciding whether the city should issue bonds for required improvements to the water-waste system.

The existing waste-water treatment plant is not capable of achieving the new state and national requirements.

The project is estimated to cost 18 million dollars.

The city is legally binded to the upgrade and believe the impact on sewer rates will increase 10-percent a year for the next 5 years.

â??The open house tonight is to discuss the bond issue which will be on the ballot on April 2. And that bond issue is to approve revenue bonds that will pay for the $18 million dollar improvements to the waste water treatment plant here in Kirksville," said Assistant City Manager, Melanie Smith.

If the election fails, the city will have to use different financial options which have a higher interest rate.