Kirksville wishes John Buckwalter the best on his retirement

Public Works Director John Buckwalter retires after 17 years on the job.

After 17 years on the job, one Kirksville city official is retiring.

City leaders and co-workers gathered at the Kirksville Public Works Department Wednesday afternoon to wish Public Works Director John Buckwalter the best of luck in his retirement.

Guests helped themselves to cake and ice cream while getting the chance to share their well wishes with Buckwalter.

Buckwalter said this is a day of mixed emotions. He's looking forward to retirement, but he'll miss coming to work and seeing familiar faces every day.

"I just want to say Thank You to all the people of Kirksville for letting me work for them for the past 17 years. It's a privilege to try and make things better," Buckwalter said.

Buckwalter also told us that he will not miss the long hours or getting up early during snowstorms.

Buckwalter is planning to stay in Kirksville and spend quality time with his wife and family.

He's still planning to be an active part of the community, this time as a regular citizen.