Kirksville woman is $24,000 richer

One northeast Missouri woman is a very proud lottery winner.

On Saturday morning, Roxi Cooley of Kirksville and her husband went to the Troy Mills Country Store to purchase her daily five $2 24K Lottery Scratchers tickets.

On her third scratcher, Cooley came upon "win all" and by the time she got through all ten rows...she won $24,000.

Cooley said she had a hard time believing it at first.

"I went to my husband, Greg and said 'Is this right, does this say $2,400?' He said 'Yes, keep scratching.' I did. We just started jumping around. Our dog growled and even she got excited but didn't know what was going on. I didn't realize it till later that day what really happened," Cooley said.

Cooley is planning to go to Jefferson City on Friday to get the check from the Missouri Lottery and is planning to use the money for traveling, remodeling the house, and put some in savings.

Her husband, Greg Cooley, won $25,000 ten years ago in the Show Me Five Game.