Kirksville woman makes freakish find in local creek

Watch KTVO News at 10 tonight to find out what the woman discovered. (John Garlock/KTVO)

A Heartland woman made a freakish find in a local creek.

Terri, a Kirksville resident who did not want us to reveal her last name, was hunting for arrowheads recently with her mother in small creek on their family farm outside Kirksville.

That is when Terri made a jaw-dropping discovery that, at first, she thought was just a piece of petrified wood, but it was way more bizarre than that.

"I'm still freaked out,” said Terri. “I don't even like to have it in my possession because it really weirds me out."

Terri is on a mission to find out if her discovery really is what it appears to be.

Here is a link to the full story.

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