Kirksville women "Tri" for a healthy lifestlye

Dozens of Kirksville women are now recovering after a strenuous triathlon Saturday morning.

Participants had to swim 150 meters, and then complete a 9.2 mile bike ride and a two mile run.

The event, known as TriFAHL, or Tri for a Healthy Life, allows beginners to complete a slightly shorter course.

Many of the women started training in November.

Organizers hope the race empowers women of any skill level to take charge of their own health by participating in an exciting sporting event.

â??People who wouldn't usually take part in something like this do and they feel empowered by that and try to do something hard and realize that they can do it and so we just really wanted to make that happen for the people in the community,â?? said TriFAHL organizer Stephanie Pruitt.

This is the third time TriFAHL has been held in Kirksville, and next year organizers hope to increase participation even more.