Kirksville works to earn title of 'Work Ready Community'

The City of Kirksville and Adair County are working to earn a new designation.

That designation is called 'Work Ready Community'. 'Work Ready' means employers and businesses in the area deliver quality work and teach employees the skills that they need.

The community has until December to have all of the necessary goals completed to earn the title.

Local businesses have answered surveys and taken tests, and now, community workers and recent graduates are encouraged to take exams.

Those exams ask questions that measure participants' various workplace skills. Being recognized as a 'Work Ready Community' will help when trying to bring more businesses to the area.

"There are currently only three communities in the entire state of Missouri that have this designation and so the sooner we can complete our goals, then we can become number four, hopefully number five," said Carolyn Chrisman, K-REDI Director of Economic Development.

If interested in taking the exam to help the community receive the 'Work Ready Community' designation, contact the Missouri Career Center located on Normal Street in Kirksville at (660) 785-2400.