Kirksville youth learns how to preserve the outdoors

Kirksville youth spent the day learning how they can play a role in preserving the environment.

Environmental science students at Kirksville High School took the time to show the fourth graders at Ray Miller Elementary the importance in taking care of the outdoors.

â??They come out here and they have fun and they learn how itâ??s good to protect the environment,â?? said Kirksville High School Junior, Katie Hawkins.

Planting trees and cleaning up streams were just a few of the activities the kids participated in.

So, in the mind of a fourth graderâ?¦Why is it so important to take care of the environment?

â??So it wonâ??t get all icky and gross so we can play in the streams and stuff still and we wonâ??t get sick or hurt,â?? said Jackson Ratliff, fourth grader at Ray Miller Elementary School.

Experts say taking care of the local land offers many benefits for community members.