Kirksville's property tax levy increases two cents

Four councilmen voted in favor of tax increase. One abstained from voting.

The Kirksville City Council approved a small increase in the city's property tax levy Wednesday evening.

Four of the five council members voted in favor of a two-cent increase in the levy.

The city's property tax levy will now be $.6823 per $100 of assessed valuation.

"What that means for the city as a whole would be an additional revenue of $25,000 (for the year),â?? said Mari Macomber, Kirksville city manager. â??That is, if all people pay their property tax. I mean, understand there are some delinquencies that are not paid."

For most Kirksville residents, the increase in the tax levy should range from a few cents to a few dollars more that you will pay in property taxes.

Obviously the more property you own, the more taxes you have to pay.

The increase will go into effect on the tax bills you will receive later this year.

Councilman Robert Russell abstained from voting on the tax increase.