Klan propaganda pops back up in the Heartland

KKK propaganda like this found in Van Buren County in April has appeared in Davis and Wapello Counties.

Fliers promoting the Ku Klux Klan are once again being spread across southeast Iowa.

Bloomfield police say fliers were dropped off at several residences early Thursday morning.

The same thing happened earlier this year when similar fliers were found at homes across Van Buren County.

So many citizens raised their concerns to law enforcement about the April incidents in Van Buren County that the Department of Justice stepped in and held a community meeting about recognizing and reporting hate crimes.

We spoke to the Wapello County Sheriff's Office, and officials said they have had lots of reports of fliers and rocks being distributed around the Ottumwa area as well.

Bloomfield Police Chief Shawn Armstrong says this latest incident in Bloomfield is currently under investigation.

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