KMGO Ottumwa building gets a new, "green" roof

The beautiful weather Tuesday meant that a long-term project could finally begin; a new roof for the KMGO building on Main Street in Ottumwa.

The building received both Challenge and I-Jobs grants to begin construction on a "green" rooftop. To be LEED-certified, the building must meet green criteria, such as energy efficiency and ecological capabilities.

The framework and planting material were laid down Tuesday, and then plants will be put in place after about a week to make for a more efficient sewer system.

"When it rains, instead of the runoff going really long and fast, and then running into the street and then puddling like we see a lot of times and overwhelming the sewer systems, that will hold more of the moisture and let it evaporate, let it run down at an easier rate so it doesn't clog the sewer system," said Cindy Woodbury, Executive Director of Main Street Ottumwa.

The project will be completed by mid-May, but it is only just the beginning.

Market on Main is the next big project slated to begin and Woodbury said another building on the 200 block of Main Street has also received grant money for improvements.

"The more green buildings you have, the better they are for the environment and for the city and just ecologically, it really is just a great addition to the community," she said.

Eventually, Main Street Ottumwa would like to see renovations and improvements work their way down the block until the entire downtown area is revitalized.