Knee High Naturalists will have programs all summer long

Knee High Naturalists will will be continuing to help teach kids about nature all summer long.

Even though it's summer vacation for Heartland students, one learning program will be continuing to help teach kids about nature.

The Missouri Department of Conservation Office in Kirksville is having their Knee High Naturalists Program all summer long and at Monday morning's session, pre-schoolers got to learn more about mighty mussels.

They learned about what mussels are and how they eat and move using their shells and feet.

But the most important thing was learning on how mussels help keep Missouri rivers and waterways clean.

"They play such a big role. If one single mussel can filter 7 gallons of water a day, then imagine hundreds of them. You are looking at thousands of gallons of water being filtered through those animals every single day," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Knee High Naturalists will be taking a few weeks off due to summer day camp at the conservation office, but they will be back the first Monday in July.