Knot stays tied for 60 years and counting

Carl Campbell and Mariellen Campbell, La Plata.

It is a love story movies are made of. A Heartland couple celebrates their 60th wedding anniversary.

â??Our first date we saw a Grand Ole Opry show,â?? said Mariellen Campbell.

84-year-old Carl Campbell and 79-year-old Mariellen Campbell radiate love as if they are still newlyweds.

â??Happy anniversary,â?? said Carl Campbell. â??Thank you and Happy Anniversary,â?? Mariellen replied.

The Campbellâ??s infectious laughter fills up the room. Their love story begins in 1953 in Des Moines, Iowa when the first Chevrolet Corvette was built.

Carl explains how the met.
â??We met in Des Moines she worked at a drive in and you know (laughter).â??

â??A root beer drive-in...I waited the counter and that's when he came in (laughing),â?? Mariellen said.

The Campbellâ??s were married in the famous Little Brown Church in Nashua, Iowa.
During their 60 years of marriage they have had to endure some hard times.

â??One by one we lost our parents that's always hard,â?? Mariellen said. â??He lost a brother and we lost a son. It's one day at a's really hard.â??

When you ask them the key to their long successful marriage their answers may surprise you.

â??I don't need to hang around in the house,â?? Carl said. â??We have to stay out of one anotherâ??s way part of the time.â??

Mariellen advice is, â??Be kind and love them a lot.â??

The Campbellâ??s are not slowing down anytime soon. Carl still works as a brick layer and Mariellen said she is getting ready for her 60th high school reunion.