Know the signs of a heart attack

For Wednesday's Facebook story of the day, you wanted to know the warning signs that could alert you to a heart attack.

Signs of a heart attack have unpredictable timing, and there is no way of knowing when they'll show up or how much time one has between the first symptom and the start of an actual attack.

Men mostly complain of a heavy chest, gastric discomfort and sweating, but women's signs can be different.

"Women's pain is a lot different than men's," said Lynelle Diers, Clinical Director of Wapello County Public Health. "Women just aren't as typical, a lot of times they complain of back pain or jaw pain or pain going down their arm."

A family history of heart disease is the biggest risk factor for a heart attack.

"Really watch the fat content that you're eating, saturated fat versus unsaturated fat because those things tend to clog up the arteries more which may make - predispose you to a heart attack and also there's a genetic factor and if heart attack does run in your family, you need to be extra cautious in watching those things and keeping a balance in your life," Diers said.

Diers said to always remember that the heart is a muscle and without exercise, it can become tired and useless, like any other muscle. The best way to prevent a heart attack is to give the muscle a continued and consistent work out.