Kohlâ??s employees making a difference in the community

With the new Kohlâ??s set to open in September and the construction of the building nearly complete, you can expect to see Kohlâ??s employees out and about in the community making a difference.

On Sunday, the Kohlâ??s management team was at the YMCA painting and working on the Child Development Center.

Kohlâ??s employees said they are excited to meet the people of Ottumwa.

â??Kohl's really likes to get involved with the community and we do have a â??Kohlâ??s Cares for Kidsâ?? and part of that is getting out in the community and doing volunteer work. It's our first event so we like to try to do somewhere between 20 and 30 community events throughout the year,â?? said Dale Christiansen, Kohlâ??s store manager.

Christiansen added that the Kohlâ??s job fair held a couple of weeks ago brought in more than 600 applicants. He said the turnout was incredible and believes Kohlâ??s is a great fit for the Ottumwa community.