Koster puts pressure on PSF

There are no easy answers in the issue concerning Premium Standard Farms. We spoke with Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster, who paid a visit to Princeton, Missouri Monday night. About 1500 people attended the meeting for a question and answer question. Many are concerned PSF will not meet odor management requirements and jobs will be lost if the company is shut down.

The consent decree is extended for 11 years. We still have not been able to receive a substantial proposal after almost 11 years as far as to how the problem will be solved. I am optimistic that a solution is possible, but the ball is in Premium Standard Farms TM Court, said Koster.

Koster says the state has had a request for PSF TMS proposal since November and they have yet to present their data. PSF has asked for an extension, but Koster says they need to show more urgency to meet the deadline. Koster said he would cross the bridge of an extension when he comes to it.

I can't walk away from the state contracts and simply tear them up and leave them behind. Premium Standard Farms has to show a good faith effort here, Koster said.

Should PSF not meet the deadlines by August and there is no extension granted, Koster says the state will most likely bring pressure for compliance through the court system.