KPD Officers take 'Tough Mudder' challenge

They are used to wearing blue, but for one day they exchanged their uniforms for mud, and a lot of it.

Officers with the Kirksville Police Department participated in an extreme obstacle, in St. Louis, known as Tough Mudder and I was right there with them.

Itâ??s known as Tough Mudder, and if youâ??ve done it before, you know exactly what it takes to earn that coveted orange headband.

Designed by British Special Forces to test mental as well as physical strength, the 10 to 12 mile course with 18 obstacles did just that.

â??I expected that we would have some struggles,â?? said Jeremy Cordray with the Kirksville Police Dept. â??I expected that we would have some people that may drop out or that may be terrified of some of the obstacles, and we really didn't see that. I think everyone pretty much went though the obstacles, everybody survived, every body did a really good job."

Eleven officers and three of their significant others, including myself, took the challenge.

The bonding intensified at the starting line, and we were put to the test. We started with a mile and a half run, then climbed over six foot walls, nothing seemed to stand in our way.

From crawling under barbed wire, to jumping over fire into mud pits, we slowly conquered each obstacle, even if we need help along the way.

"I don't think anyone could have worked together any better than they did,â?? said Cordray. â??Everyone was helping people through the mud, and helping people up and over obstacles, not a single complaint or argument."

At times it was challenging, but the entire department came together. Half way in, little did we know the worst was yet to come, so with 18 obstacles I had to ask, what did they fear the most?

"Probably getting into the cold water,â?? Cordray said. â??They have the artic enema and itâ??s just a tank full of cold water and you have to go under a board, so you have to be completely submerged it."

â??The electricity,â?? said Tyler Van Riessen with the Kirksville Police Department. â??I haven't been shocked before so I don't know what itâ??s going to feel like."

Well we got shocked, not once, but twice. From there we did the Funky Monkey and for some it was a breeze, for others it was easier said than done.

The entire way we ran, crawled, climbed and some even got battle wounds.

Then came the final obstacle, the Electro Shock Therapy. We approached as a team, and then within seconds it was every man, or woman, for themselves. 10,000 volts of electricity shot through our body as we crossed the finish line.

"I think everyone feels like they have a sense of achievement, that they have accomplished something,â?? Cordray said. â??There are a lot of people that compete in this event, but itâ??s not something everyone can do, and I think that sets them apart from a lot of different people."

We are now a part of an elite group and have the orange headbands to prove it.

The entire opportunity was possible thanks to our sponsors (in no specific order): KTVO, The Benson Law Firm, CES (Cutting Edge Supplements), Kirksville Break and Muffler, Vicki Benson/ReMAX Home Team, Heritage House Realty, Coltonâ??s Steakhouse, Servpro, Chad Davis-State Farm Insurance, Kellyâ??s Furniture, TNT Guns, Kirksville Dental Group, Urgent Care at Complete Family Medicine, Americaâ??s Car Mart, The Campbell Law Firm, LLC., Trumascape, Young Image Optical, Adam Davis Construction, Greek Corner Gyros, Advances in Therapy, Brawner Farms and Lovegreens.

We would also like to thank Amanda Selby, Kristy Panos and Nickie Lindquist for providing us with pictures and video during the event.

Officers and otherâ??s that participated include: Jeremy Cordray, Matt Kellison, Tyler Van Riessen, Jake Roberts, Bill Puryear, Aprille Puryear, Juan Chairez, Keri Rogers, Steve Lowery, Nathan Selby, Nick Panos, Jason Underwood and Cody Goodwin.


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