KREDI plans to draft a letter for state senators

K-REDI plans to write a letter to state senators.

Kirksville Regional Economic Development Incorporated is planning to draft a letter that may give North Missouri a voice in state affairs.

The K-REDI executive committee meeting took place at the Economic Development Office in Kirksville Wednesday afternoon. Executive committee members discussed a few concerns; the biggest concern being North Missouri's representation on Jefferson City state boards.

Executive board member, Carolyn Chrisman, says K-REDI plans to draft a letter to send to Missouriâ??s state senators regarding North Missouriâ??s lack of representation on many of the state boards and commissions.

â??[We may send the letter] within the next week to two weeks, the letter will be drafted, sent out to board members to look over, sign off on and then we'll be sending it to senators, probably by mid March and we may even wait until after the legislature gets done with their spring break to have it waiting for them once they return,â?? said Chrisman.

The executive committee also discussed the postponement of the next full board meeting. The meeting will take place on March 18 at 4 p.m. The meeting will focus on next year's goals and objectives.