KV-POP:New Animal Welfare Organization in Kirksville

Kirksville-Protect our Pets or KV-POP is a new non-profit organization dedicated to community outreach for the benefit of the areaâ??s pet dogs and cats. The organization formed in July of this year, and their goal is to promote: spay/neuter of dogs and cats in the Kirksville area to prevent unwanted litters, proper care and training of pets so that they are healthy and well-behaved, the use of city licenses, tags and microchips to help lost pets get back home, adoption (forever homes) from local shelter and rescue, and other strategies to cut down the number of homeless pets in our area. Bridget Thomas, president of KV-POP, stopped by the set of Good Morning Heartland to tell us more about it. WATCH VIDEO above to learn more.

KV-POP has their first meeting on Thursday, September 26th. It will be in the meeting room at the Adair County Health Department located at 1001 S. Jamison St. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and itâ??s open to the public.

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Email Address:


P.O. Box 173

Kirksville MO. 63501