La Plata Elementary registers fall 2014 kindergarten class

La Plata Elementary spent Monday registering the Class of 2026.

The elementary school met the students who will be beginning school in the fall of 2014. Parents and students had the chance to learn about the school and activities that are available to the kids.

Parents also filled out registration cards while the students went through screening tests. The tests will help the teachers know what to work on with the students when they start school.

The youngsters also had the chance to meet teachers and tour the school.

"It gives the kids a chance to come in the school if they haven't been here so that they are familiar with what it looks like, they know it's not a scary place, they see kids in here doing their daily routine," said Lisa Coy, La Plata Elementary School Principal.

Children that will turn five on or before the end of July are eligible to register for the upcoming school year. To do so, please contact Lori Smith at (660) 332-7003. Parents should also bring a copy of the child's birth certificate, Social Security card, immunization record and proof of residence if you do not already have a child that attends school in the La Plata School District.