La Plata is flush with donations for bathroom project

Crews are laying concrete for La Plata's new bathrooms.

Permanent bathrooms are being built in La Plataâ??s downtown square and residents are stinkinâ?? excited.

In past years, the city had spent as much as $3,000 per year on porta-potties for La Plataâ??s Annual Soybean Festival.

A recent grant of $12,000 allowed the city to purchase materials for the bathrooms, but thanks to outside donations, money is coming in to cover the cost of labor too. City officials say close to $3,000 has been donated in less than a week. Now the money set aside for labor can be put toward other city improvements.

â??We do have a lot of projects in the park that we would like to do. So the back-up money can be used for something else," said La Plata Mayor Lois Bragg. "The community has been really great. Organizations have been great. Thereâ??s been people who donâ??t even live inside of the city limits. I had a gentleman call from Oklahoma. His dad was a doctor here for years and heâ??s sending a check for donations in memory of his mom and dad."

Work is scheduled to be completed later this month, and the six completed bathrooms will be open in time for Labor Day and the Soybean Festival. If you'd like to donate to the project, contact the mayor's office at 660-332-7166.