La Plata Lions Club helps local food bank

One local organization had the chance Tuesday evening to learn how to help give back and help their community.

The La Plata Lions Club invited members of the La Plata Christian Food Depot to its meeting. Food Depot members shared with the Lions Club about the poverty in the area and the need for food donations. They say that the need is greater now than it has been in years past, due to a number of families falling on hard economic times.

Having different organizations, like the Lions Club, involved with the Food Depot allow them to complete different service projects around the community and at the same time help others in need.

"With us working with the Lions or any other organization, it just really shows that organizations can help together and that the need of food being met is really important," said Stephanie Allen Kelsey, La Plata Christian Food Depot Director.

If interested in helping out at the La Plata Christian Food Depot or donating food, contact La Plata Christian Food Depot Director, Stephanie Allen Kelsey at for more information.