La Plata residents feast on 50 foot long banana split

Members of the La Plata community beat the heat Wednesday by feasting on a 50 foot long banana split.

There's no better way to cool off from that summer sun than with a big bowl of ice cream, and Wednesday afternoon residents at the La Plata nursing home did just that.

Community members were invited to beat the heat at the nursing home while feasting on a 50 foot long banana split.

Staff members say the hot summer temperatures are the perfect excuse to invite visitors inside to enjoy some delicious ice cream.

And the ice cream wasnâ??t the only treat. Employees say residents love having visitors any time of the year.

â??They really like it. I don't know if they like the kids or the ice cream better,â?? said nursing home employee Candi Ralston.

This isn't the first time the La Plata nursing home has made a giant banana split.

A few years ago another facility made a 40 foot long banana split and then challenged others to do the same.

Staff at the La Plata Nursing Home decided to take it one step further and add 10 extra feet to their version of the dessert.

Now they have plenty of leftovers to go around.