Labor Day festival kicks off in Greater Ottumwa Park

Jimmy Jones Shelter at Greater Ottumwa Park

Together, the Southern Iowa Federation of Labor and UFCW Local 230 are holding the Ottumwaâ??s annual Labor Day Festival.

Hundreds of people are taking a break from work to celebrate Labor Day weekend with their family at Greater Ottumwa Park. Even busy Ottumwa Fire Captain Pat Short spent some quality time with his five-year-old daughter.

â??Oh just enjoying all the games,â?? Short said. â??Let her come out and see the petting zoo and all the inflatable rides and stuff. Itâ??s a lot of fun for the kids, so itâ??s a good event to see everybody out together.â??

Of course all the kids had a favorite attraction out at the park.

â??Feeding Pedro the donkey and Moo Cow the male cow,â?? 10-year-old Skyla Hobbs said.

â??I had fun feeding the goats,â?? 6-year-old Samuel Stevenson said.

â??The jumping thing where you sit down, and you have to stand and wait till you can jump; I did like back flips and stuff,â?? 8-year-old Kenneth Young said.

Kid Again Inflatable Fun Show employee Jerry Vang says when you spend the whole day in the sun, thereâ??s only one way to stay cool.

â??Drinking a lot of water thatâ??s basically it,â?? he said.

Wapello County Supervisor Steve Siegel was also working hard, judging 19 babies entered in the colorful cutie contest.

â??We found a category for everyone to be a champion in so it worked out great,â?? Siegel said.

If you didnâ??t make it out to the Jimmy Jones Shelter Saturday, Sunday is a day of festivities you donâ??t want to miss.

â??Weâ??ve got both of the democratic gubernatorial candidates that are gonna speak so weâ??re real excited about that,â?? Siegel said. â??Senator Jack Hatch and State Representative Tyler Olson, so hopefully people will come out and greet them.â??

The two candidates will be speaking to labor union members and their families at the annual Labor Day picnic, which kicks off at noon and goes until 2 p.m. The event is free and open to the public to attend.