Largest workforce in U.S. healthcare celebrates important week

May 6th marked the start of National Nurses week. Did you know that nurses represent the largest workforce in the United States health care system with over three million people working around the clock. At Northeast Regional Medical Center, they will be celebrating tomorrow May 9th with a 1950's themed day. They chose the 50â??s theme to celebrate all of the advances nurses made in the past half century and to embrace the future changes that are still to come.

"Nurse's work is really hard. We're pulled in many many different directions by the physicians by their peers if they need some assistance and our main goal is to stay focused on the patient. For them to acknowledge the nurses and say thank you for the care that you provided me, that thank you is what feeds the nurses which what makes them want to come back the next day to make sure that we're still meeting their needs and that is just what we do, we love taking care of the patients,â?? said Cindy Carter Chief Nursing Officer at Northeast Regional Medical Center.

So if you see a nurse, be sure to thank them for their efforts to keep American healthy and happy.