Last minute shoppers head to the stores

The final shopping push has started as only days remain until Christmas.

Many area shoppers headed to the stores to take advantage of last minute deals at JC Penney. Renae Head got there early on Saturday to try and beat the impending storm, but said she doesn't usually wait this long. "No I don't do well under pressure but your choices are a little more limited at the end but I don't know it's kind of fun."

Not all the shopping is necessarily holiday related. Delmer Andrew drove all the way from Princeton to buy his wife Sharon a present for their 53rd wedding anniversary. "Well I''m getting some last minute shopping in for my wife on our anniversary. I didn't make it before and I had to do it today," he said.

All the extra business is good for store manager Janet Gremaud.'s bottom line. "It's actually the second busiest shopping day of the season for us and we're all excited and didn't know what to expect with the weather and everything, but luckily it held off and we had a really good day with lots of customers coming in to finish their shopping."

For most stores, the Saturday before Christmas is one of the busiest days of the year after black Friday.