Law enforcement cracking down on impaired drivers over 4th of July

Many will be hitting the road this week for vacation for the 4th of July holiday or simply driving to barbeques or to see fireworks.

With more drivers on the road, law enforcement officers will be making even more of a presence on the road cracking down on drunk driving and speeding.

Thanks to the Wapello County Sheriffâ??s Office Traffic Grant, with the grantâ??s main focus being alcohol enforcement, impaired drivers will have little chance of getting away.

â??We're going to have -- our extra staff's going to be out. It's the overtime that's funded by the state of Iowa grant we put in for so I mean that's -- and we're not the only department that gets that sort of incentive so that's going to allow us to have extra help over the holiday weekend. That's how we'll fund it because we're just serious; we want everybody to stay safe. The worst thing you can have is a terrible accident or a mishap on a holiday,â?? said Wapello County Sheriff Mark Miller.

Law enforcement want to stress the importance of not mixing alcohol with driving and that thereâ??s plenty of time to make arrangements for a designated driver.