Law Enforcement urge drivers to be safe this holiday weekend

Many in the Heartland brought out the law chairs and blankets Thursday night to watch fireworks and celebrated the 4th of July with grill outs and parties.

With the holiday also comes the seemingly inevitable impaired driving and shooting off of illegal fireworks.

KTVO spoke with the Ottumwa Police Department to find out if the holiday came with any major accidents or arrests. Thankfully, nothing out of the ordinary so far this holiday weekend.

â??Any time people are off or on the road or enjoying a holiday, absolutely tends to be an increase in alcohol consumption. So that tends to increase the number of calls that we happen to get so we still obviously encourage people to be safe. There's going to be elevated enforcement on the roadways because it is a holiday weekend. So we want everyone to be safe and just be smart about what theyâ??re doing,â?? said Sgt. Aaron Vose, Ottumwa Police Department.

Law enforcement officers said often just their mere presence on the roadways causes drivers to drive more cautiously.