Lawmaker explains the latest on farm odor issue

We've received several emails from a viewer concerned about the future of Premium Standard Farms. The company has locations in north Missouri, including Sullivan County. PSF has been working with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to comply with a consent decree from a lawsuit in 2001. Part of the degree has to do with odor management from hog confinements. The decree deadline is August of this year, where the issue will be presented in front of a panel of experts. Local lawmakers say rumors have been flying around the area, speculating that facilities will be closed down if the decree isn't met.

I just talked with high level officials with the DNR just today and they ensure me they have no intention of doing anything that would result in the closure of any of the facilities and certainly not in the processing plant in Milan, said St. Rep. Rebecca McClanahan.

McClanahan also cleared up the confusion about what technology is being used to manage the odor. She says using bio-filters isn't the only option; there are cheaper methods. McClanahan saw this first hand at the Crystal Peak facility in Sullivan County.

We were told then about the technology of scraping in the barns that's being used and that technology appears very promising and so when it's time, Premium Standard Farms will present their results, McClanahan said.

Some facilities in Texas were closed down, but McClanahan says those were strictly business decisions. Texas does not have a consent decree, so the closures had nothing to do with that issue.

I believe we need to let this process play out. There is a very specific legal process going on and it's coming due soon and the results will be revealed to us soon enough I'm sure, McClanahan said.