Lawmakers listen to public's concerns about natural resources

Several state and local leaders met in Fairfield Thursday evening to discuss the priorities Iowa should have when it comes to natural resources.

â??We have had several of these meetings around the state, I believe this is the fifth meeting, but there have been several meetings in various places, and if we can possibly set up more, we will try to do so,â?? said State Representative Curt Hanson of House District 82.

Hanson told KTVO that the entire purpose it for the community to get involved in the conversation when it comes to conservation, climate, and energy and environmental related issues.

â??I think one of the bigger concerns is the runoff from the pollutions, with the nitrates and the phosphorous; those of course are big issues with our farming community. There are several plans in the works to make a reduction in those runoffs, and that is part of the discussion tonight too. I hope we cover a broad range of issues involving the environment,â?? Hanson said.