Leaders urging Eldon residents to approve sales tax

Leaders from across Wapello County held a forum Sunday, discussing the local option sales tax vote in Eldon.

The City of Eldon was the only city in Wapello County not to pass the local option sales tax ballot measure in Novemberâ??s general election.

On March 5, voters will once again have the chance to pass the measure, ensuring Eldon receives funding through the program.

Leaders from around Wapello County were in Eldon Sunday, educating the community on the importance of the local option sales tax.

â??It is very crucial that the local option sales tax pass in Eldon. Much of the money is used toward our cemetery, police, library, fire department and streets,â?? said Mayor Shirley Stacey.

Other communities and neighboring counties have the tax, benefiting their local needs.

â??Folks to most of their shopping in Ottumwa, Fairfield, Des Moines and Bloomfield; all of which have the sales tax; so they are going to be paying it almost everywhere they go,â?? said Wapello County Supervisor Steve Siegel. â??By voting it down they are not stopping themselves from paying it only in Eldon, but they are stopping the City of Eldon from receiving their share of the money.â??

In Eldon, if an emergency arises and the local option sales tax is not passed, it is going to hurt the city financially.

â??Probably three months ago we had a storm sewer collapse. Had we not had that money, we would not have been able to do the repairs that we have had when those emergencies arrive,â?? Stacey said.

One major point of interest, over 80 ballots were not filled out on the back-side in Novemberâ??s general election. That is where the measure was located. Therefore, some residents might have not even known it was being voted on.