League of Women Voters asking for publics help in purchasing signs

The League of Women Voters is asking for the public's help in purchasing new signs to alert voters of election day.

The blue signs are placed around Wapello County a few weeks prior to each election. The problem with the current signs is that they are not in very good condition.

Jean Dell and Sarah Sels from the League of Women Voters told KTVO why they put the signs up, and how people can donate.

"These signs are non-partisan, just like our organization is. And what we are asking people to do is help us defray the cost of replacing them. Generally we put them up all around the county, if we have enough signs that help people anticipate a coming election," stated Dell.

"It is $5 a sign, so we would like to have a buy a sign campaign. If you have $5 to buy a sign we appreciate it, We are trying to raise $1000 because we have to buy them in quantity," said Sels.

If you would like to donate to the campaign, the League of Women Voters is asking that you mail a check to, League of Women Voters, 133 East Court St., Ottumwa IA, 52501. The check can be made out to the League of Women Voters.