Learning about cold-blooded amphibians

Amazing amphibians was the topic at Monday's morning's Missouri Department of Conservation Knee High Naturalists.

Heartland pre-schoolers had a fun time croaking up while learning Monday morning.

Amazing amphibians was the topic at the Knee High Naturalists learning session.

The session presented by the Missouri Department of Conservation taught the kids about how amphibians are cold-blooded and have a slimy skin. Frogs and salamanders are the main animals in this group.

The children even had the chance to sit and listen to a story about a silly frog.

"The Frog In The Bog is a story about the a silly frog who is eating everything he can find while sitting on a log. At the end of the story, he discovers that the log is an alligator and when he yells, everything that he ate flies out of his stomach and shrinks down small again," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Next, the kids and their parents went around the conservation pond to find real frogs. Amphibians like to live near the water.

The kids even made their own frog heads for a craft project.