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      Learning about the art behind the theater

      It's summer camp season in the Heartland, and one camp is helping kids bring out the actors in them.

      For the next three weeks, the Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department is holding its ninth annual Children's Theater Camp.

      First through fifth graders will be learning about the different aspects of theater such as acting, costumes, props and sets, and they'll even get a chance to tour the theater department at Truman State University.

      Those in charge are hoping the kids not only learn but also have a lot of fun. "Being involved in theater helps build self confidence. There's a lot of great things they can take out of it. I hope these kids have a great time and do a bit of performing for the community," said Recreation Specialist Heather Darrah.

      The kids will also be putting on a play of their very own with their own costumes and sets built by the kids themselves. The play is called "The Lions Enchantment." The kids will be performing it at the Rotary Park Amphitheater on Friday, June 28 at 7 p.m. It's free for the whole community.