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      Learning how to be a disciple in day camp

      Some Heartland kids are going back in time this week.

      Countryside Christian Church just outside Kirksville is now holding its Summer Day Camp 2014. The theme for this year is "Disciple."

      About 80 kids from grades K through 5 are going back to the first century in the early days of The Bible. They travel around a biblical market place full of activities and learning stations including archery, baking, fishing and carpentry.

      A few of Jesus' 12 disciples were fishermen. Church members wanted to show the kids how those 12 came to follow Jesus and how can they also follow him today.

      "We're hoping that they'll get to know Jesus better through Christian people. We're hoping they'll understand that Jesus is a light for their lives that following him is a rewarding and meaningful life," said Coordinator Harold Engel,

      The day camp goes on from noon to 5 p-m through Wednesday. The event will wrap up with a family barbeque and bonfire.