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      Learning the importance of being heart healthy

      Northeast Missouri residents gathered this weekend to raise awareness about heart health.

      The NEMO Heart Health corporation held the 2nd annual Heart and Sole Walk at the Kirksville High School's Spainhower Field Saturday morning.

      More than 150 people came out to walk on the track and participate in heart healthy activities such as getting blood pressure screenings and learning about heart healthy foods.

      "If you want to have a life that's quality, then you have to really invest in that. People are starting to get the idea that if I want to feel good every day, I need to take a little bit of pride and actually make efforts to feel good," said Lisa Archer of NEMO Heart Health.

      "It's a great opportunity for everybody to get together and try to raise money for such a wonderful cause," said Heart and Sole Walk Chair Marilyn Blickhan.

      Participants also got to learn more about automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at the event and how to correctly use them.

      The organizers goal was to raise $5,000, which they far surpassed this year.