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      Learning the safety rules behind electricity

      Emergency responders from across northeast Missouri got to learn about electrical safety Monday evening.

      Macon Electric Cooperative put on the Live Line Electrical Safety Demonstration at the Macon County Expo Center.

      Kyle Finley, owner of Live Line Demo Incorporated, educated the responders on how to protect themselves or someone else from injury or death caused by electricity.

      Organizers say it's all about staying out of harm's way when it comes to live wires.

      "We're just hoping that they'll get some education. They can ask questions on what to do if they're in a situation where electricity is involved. We want to keep the public safe and emergency responders safe. That's our goal," said Kami Mohn of Macon Electric Cooperative.

      The presentation also demonstrates how to be safe around electricity in your home, workplace and other places with high-voltage contacts.

      Utility workers, farmers and other businesses and their employees who work around electricity or power lines were among some of the people attending the program.