Legacy Foundation grants $75,000 to help spruce up downtown

Downtown Ottumwa

Local business owners may have the opportunity to make their buildings shine like new again thanks to a $75,000 grant from the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation.

With this money, the city's planning and development department can add roofing as an option to its Downtown Area Revitalization Grant Program. With a façade grant program and interest buydown program already in place, Kelly Genners with the Legacy Foundation says roofing gives city developers one more tool to work with. The non-profit organization reached out to the city for this partnership as a part of the Legacy Foundation's strategic plan for revitalizing downtown Ottumwa.

â??What we're trying to do is to kind of bridge that financial gap so to speak,â?? Genners said. â??The roof seems like a really good place to start because a lot of these buildings have bad roofs and if the roof goes unattended and doesn't get fixed, then the whole building starts to disintegrate.â??

Genner said there's already waiting list of business owners interested in this grant money.