Legacy Foundation purchases historic theaters in downtown Ottumwa

The Legacy Foundation recently purchased two buildings on Main Street that used to be the Capri and Capital Theaters

With the ongoing effort of revitalizing downtown Ottumwa, the Legacy Foundation has recently purchased the two buildings on Main Street that were once the Capri and Capitol Theaters.

It was less than 50 years ago when these two theaters attracted people from all over Iowa to the heart of downtown Ottumwa.

Executive Director of the Legacy Foundation Brad Little said he wants to help bring the memories so many people had of the pristine theaters back.

But how long the restoration will take and how much it will cost is still up in the air.

â??Our philosophy at the foundation has been, let's do it right, let's not cut corners, let's make sure we think this all the way through and there are a million and one things we could do with that space. It's enormous, both facilities are huge and so we want to make sure that at the end of all of this, when we cut the ribbon on those facilities that they also need to be sustainable,â?? Little said.

Little said the ideas that are presented have to make sense for the long term sustainability.