Legacy Mural almost complete

Legacy Mural

The Kirksville Arts Association and members of the community have been working hard on the Legacy Mural at the Kirksville Arts Center.

Tuesday, volunteers were gluing down tiles and more help is needed.

There are themes for each section of the mural. Some tiles have been made by members of the community and some have been created by art educator Connie Greany.

She said everything is going well, but they still need your help. â??Well the main job that we have is gluing down the tiles,â?? Greany said. â??We're using a mortar that has silicone in it, so that it's waterproof.â??

Greany said people in the community have been very helpful. â??Some people who really didnâ??t know what we were doing came in and got really excited afterwards and invited other people to come back, so that was fun,â?? Greany said.

If you want to help, work will continue until 9 p.m. Tuesday. They will also be gluing tiles Wednesday and Thursday.

Greany said wear clothes that you don't mind getting a little dirty.

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