Life-long Kirksville resident announces City Council candidacy

A life-long Kirksville resident is throwing his hat into the political ring, and running for an open City Council seat.

Richard Steele is the third person to announce candidacy for the City Council seat.

Rodger Edge Sr. and Michael Ambrosia have also announced plans to run for City Council. If elected, Steele plans to work with K-REDI to help bring more small businesses into the Kirksville area in order to create more jobs, for those not only living in Kirksville, but also the surrounding communities.

Steele also has plans to help improve the area sidewalks and roadways by working with the city to fix pot-holes in different areas around town.

"Of course I grew up my whole life in Kirksville, and when I was young everything seemed to be pretty vibrant in Kirksville and I had a really good life you know as a kid growing up here, and it just seems to me like over the last few years things have just kind of stagnated and I'd like to see us get back to where we were," said Richard Steele, City Council Candidate.

Elections for City Council will be held April 8th.


The four candidates running for the Kirksville City Council are:

Michael Ambrosia

Roger A. Edge

Richard â??Rickâ?? Steele

Jerry M. Mills